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Hi, mi name is Maria Elena

I have a degree in Tourism by the National University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco in Peru, and I must confess that I'm in love with my job, I'm currently in charge of the entire team GO PERU ADVENTURE, and all this has been and still is a challenge for me and for the whole team, because I always look for our work to be impeccable and maybe that's the hardest thing to do, but I think that thanks to the whole team we are achieving it, and every achievement we have celebrated together.

I have many objectives in mind and one of them is that GO PERU ADVENTURE is one of the most recognized travel agencies for providing an excellent service to all travelers who want to know South America and I am sure that together with my team that will be a fact.

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Hi, I'm Saul and I'm travel planner. I am very happy to belong to this team because here I was able to meet new people who are incredibly friendly and during the time I have been working with them they have always supported me and helped me to grow in the workplace. We are a great team and at the same time we are friends.

My job is to contact our travelers and meet all their requirements and solve their doubts to finally offer a good service.


My name is Maribel I am 27 years old, and I am part of GO PERU ADVENTURE, and I am very happy about that, I love what I do and I enjoy it a lot and even more because I have friends here and we share many things and all our achievements too.

I have experience in the field of tourism and above all I consider that I have vocation for service, I consider myself a friendly and hard-working person.

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My name is Joel, and the work I do is done with pleasure, because I try very hard so that customers are satisfied with the service we offer and try to offer the greatest number of options so that you can choose what you like most. and together as a team we can get the client back home happy after having an incredible adventure with us.

Apart from that I like to be here because we are all friends and when there is a problem we support each other to improve it, I liked that since I came to work here and it is very positive.

I am a person dedicated to their work and in my spare time I love driving cars and listening to music.



Hello everyone, my name is Michael Enrique and what I do in the travel agency is to take care of all the platforms and the image of the team. I have a degree in administration and I have also taken courses in design and I really like what I do, and here they allow me to develop work and I feel free to do my work without feeling pressured.

I am a simple person and that he likes very much to know new friends and new culture and that better than here I can do the two things that I like.

In my free time I enjoy watching movies and watching series although sometimes I prefer to take a walk.

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Hi, I'm Stephany was born in Arequipa, a very beautiful city, but when I met Cusco, I fell in love with this city and that's why I decided to live here, Cusco is a very magical city and has a very positive energy. I am an accountant and I work here eight months ago and I like the work environment because I have made friends and they are very funny. The work I do is to manage the accounting part of the company and although it seems tedious to me I like what I do and being with friends here makes the job more peaceful.

I am grateful to belong to this team and here I am developing more and at the same time I learn a lot from others.



Hi, I'm Jose, I'm 24 years old and I'm an accountant at GO PERU ADVENTURE, I'm very grateful and very happy that they gave me the opportunity to support the company's accounting, because they allow me to learn much more about Tourism.

I am a guy who considers himself creative and friendly, and I am happy to be part of this team because we are like a family.

I like music a lot and I also enjoy dancing in my free time.

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