To know Peru is to awaken pending dreams and see beyond the common, that is, to live in a different culture, and in 5 million years of living history and to meet friendly people, because that is how Peru is. Prepare to sail in our lakes on the totora knights, or if you prefer the sea, surfboards and enjoy sunsets on the beaches of our coast. In the mountains, the sound of quenas in the wind, the pure air of the Andes a few hundred meters above sea level very close to the sky and contemplate with devotion the harmony between man and nature in Machu Picchu in Cusco. In the jungle, the Amazon River will welcome you with pink dolphins, paiches and will invite you to dance, to free being. To travel through the regions of Peru is to enjoy a mestizo and very varied gastronomy, for every corner of Peru. If you want to know wonders and if you want to venture then, come to Peru!

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