The residents of the district of Ocongate (Quispicanchis), in the department of Cusco, perform a rite whose external symbol is the image of Christ, but its main object is the integration of man with nature, the people of this place are devoted to Taytacha Qoylloriti (The Lord of the Shining Snow).



This is an ancient religious custom practiced only by the inhabitants of the Andes. Every year, a few days before the celebration of Corpus Christi, each small town or clan sends a delegation of colorful dancers and "pabluchas" to the Chapel of the Lord of Qoylluritty.

The ritual, associated with the fertility of the land and with the adoration of the Apus (hills, guardian gods), is part of one of the largest celebrations of indigenous nations in America. The main ceremony is performed at the foot of the snowy Ausangate, the ritual consists of a pilgrimage of shepherds, merchants and curious who meet at the Sinakara sanctuary in the town of Mawayany, at 4600 meters above sea level.

fiesta de señor de qoyllorrity


According to the belief, the Infant Jesus, disguised as a shepherd boy, appeared to an indigenous child, Marianito Mayta, and they both became friends. When the parents found them dressed in rich attire they notified the parish priest of the place, Pedro de Landa, who tried to capture him but without success, because in the place of the Child a stone appeared. Marianito died immediately and the image of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit "i was fixed on the rock.

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