Are you looking for a beautiful and varied place to visit? Then, choose Ecuador as the destination of your dreams! This beautiful country is a paradise where you look at it. Let yourself be dazzled by its culture expressed majestically in its churches, buildings and heritage cities as historical attractions we have for example, in Quito, know the Best Preserved Historic Center of South America.

 But Ecuador not only offers you culture because this great country is recognized by the immense fauna that it has, it is incredible the diversity of flora also that is why if you choose this destination you will surely see a lot of fauna on the way or its surroundings.

  On your Costa, fall in love with its landscapes, beaches and if you can dare to board a surfboard or just enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sunset. Enjoy the abundance of fauna that encloses its beaches. Increase your adrenaline by practicing a variety of adventure sports that Ecuador has to offer. And, for nothing in the world, forget to enjoy the taste of its gastronomic diversity because it is one of its attractions too.

We are sure that if you choose Ecuador you will not regret knowing it and you will enjoy what you will find when you travel this country full of magic and charm ...

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