If we talk about Bolivia is talking about countless natural landscapes, a very rich culture and different nuances that make the experience of visiting this country unique and unforgettable, because the great diversity of attractions that it offers are wonderful because each one hides a own magic

Bolivia has one of the largest biodiversity in the world in flora and fauna, the plateau with its plains and cold deserts with snowy mountains at one end and the other a deep tropical green in the forests and forests that make up the east of the country. Adventure seekers and nature lovers have Bolivia as a mandatory destination since visiting such beautiful places is no longer possible in many places in the world, but here you still have the opportunity to see what nature has for you.

But here it does not end all, another of the great attractions is obviously the culture rich in customs and living culture, the cuisine is also very diverse because it has exotic dishes and very delicious, picturesque towns with people who are willing to receive you to make you feel like in home. The colonial era left its mark and still in the Andean cities you can see the traces of this, with its architecture, religious customs that were mixed with the local paganism and the Andean cosmovision, resulting in a beautiful culture that is worth know.

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